Tall Ship Voyages

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Tall ship voyages are the most popular way of exploring the seas and oceans around the southern tip of South America. In many channels, straits, and inlets, tall ships are the only kinds of boats that can safely navigate the narrowed, shallow passages. Given the spectacular coastline of Chile, Tierra del Fuego, and Navarino Island, these tall ship voyages are the only way to be able to view fully the magnificent glaciers and fjords of this territory.

These graceful sailboats with their elegant rigging, small crew, and few passengers provide intimate, personal experiences with the sights and sounds that surround passengers in this raw, beautiful land. Huge condors use their enormous wingspans to soar with the fierce wind currents. Glaciers crackle and roar as they "calve" their ice chunks into the water.

Tall Ship Voyages Depend on Nature

Cruise ships let you travel in luxury and comfort, regardless of the weather or environment. They really are floating cities that compress city entertainment into one multi-decked vessel. Casinos, Broadway-style entertainment, floor shows, and ballroom dancing--all these and more are available to passengers on cruise ships.

Tall ship voyages provide a stark contrast to these Antarctica cruise vacations. Tall ships may sleep nine passengers and six crew, so cooperation and a good rapport are essential. In the sometimes harsh southern latitudes, everyone depends on one another because all are dependent on the capriciousness of nature. The safety record of boats that sail the Southern Ocean is remarkable; it is a tribute to their captains and crews who ensure the safety of the adventuresome passengers in their care.

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