Virgin Island Cruises

Written by Anmy Leuthold
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Pick any one of the many Virgin Island cruises as a way to experience the exhilarating Eastern Caribbean. The charming architecture, the temperate climate, and the clear splendor of surrounding waters mingle together to make these Islands the ideal cruise vacations spot. While being supremely pampered by luxury cruise vacations, travelers from European countries, the States, from South America, and from nearby Puerto Rico, come to the Virgin Islands to enjoy the lovely way of life, and the natural beauties of these exotic lands of paradise.

During off peak seasons many Virgin Island cruises arrange for ships to go to other warmer weather spots for cruising, but some stay put, offering year-round itineraries. This is when cruise lines offer the best bargains and cruise line vacation packages. However, you run the risk of running into Hurricane havoc season, which usually runs between June 1-November 30. If you want to be certain of a perfect weather experience, the Virgin Islands' peak season typically starts in December and runs through April.

Virgin Island Cruises Has Fantastic Vacation Value

Nowhere else in the Caribbean offers such a good vacation value as the Virgin Islands. There are so many activities and cruise shore excursions to choose from. The crystal-clear waters and the long sandy beaches make swimming on public or secluded beaches a prime leisure activity. There are also golf courses, fishing, regular baseball tournaments, race tracks, day sailing and starlit moonlight sails, dancing, national parks, duty-free shopping, ecological tours, camping grounds, hiking, kayaking, world-class diving, local craftsmen, tropical forests, island art, fine dining. That's just skimming the top. These Islands are also one of the most ethnically wealthy, artistically alive, and culturally diverse society in all the tropics.

The Virgin Islands offers the largest selection for cruising, out of all the vacation spots across the globe. Virtually all cruise line vacations offer some type of tour that either touches a port or two or focuses on the region entirely. Eastern Caribbean voyages vary from a quick getaway weekend of three to four night romps, to ten nights plus absolute vacations. Voyages not only leave from the region's major departing cities like, Ft. Lauderdale's Port Everglades and Miami, but also other more northern East Coast ports including Charleston and New York City. Futhermore, travelers can choose cruises that fit any price range, from inexpensive to moderate to deluxe luxury.

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