Wedding Cruises

Written by Anmy Leuthold
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Say "I Do" to one of the many wedding cruises that will make you dream wedding come true. For the most important day of your life, you'll want an exotic and exciting experience that you'll never forget. With total confidence that this special day is in hands of experts, you can enjoy this once in a lifetime event in a beautiful location without a single worry. Just imagine yourself on your wedding day relaxing by the pool or getting an on board spa treatment, while your own personal wedding coordinator efficiently prepares the entire ceremony. Doesn't that just tickle your fancy? Every aspect of this momentous occasion is prepared and handled for you, whether you want a low-key, intimate ceremony for two or an extravagant celebration with family and friends. All the necessary elements will be provided, from the bouquet you'll throw at the end to perfect spot for your ceremony.

The most important day of your life can be the easiest day of your life. Picture the peace of mind you'll have, knowing every little detail is attended to, with everything perfectly arranged to your exact specifications, all in one place. All you have to do is choose a destination and imagine reciting your vows with a gentle breeze blowing across the bow of the boat, the faint sound of water lapping, and the sunset toasting your momentous occasion with its brilliant colors. You said yes to the most amazing person on earth, now you can say yes to the most wonderful kind of celebration in the world.

Wedding Cruises Particulars

Wedding cruises have all the essentials required for supreme extravagance: Outstanding service, thrilling entertainment, excellent amenities, fine dining, and most importantly, a blissfully romantic setting. There will always be a cruise to suit your needs, whether you are happy to join in with the other guests or want complete privacy. Moreover, cruising provides one of the most Utopian settings for having a wedding, and you don't even have to go on a honeymoon, because it comes to you. You can make your journey, pampered in comfort, to a multitude of exciting and exotic places, without having to unpack and pack at every stop. Also, to add to the grandeur of a cruise, wedding couples often receive special treatment such as free champagne and cabin upgrades.

Some cruise lines, such as the Carnival and Princess cruise vacations, and even have chapels on aboard where the ceremony can be held. Regulations require the ship to be either less than three miles from land or in port, for the wedding license to be legal. Alternatively, the cruise line can arrange a wedding in one of the ports it of call, organizing all the particulars such as cakes, musicians, confetti, flowers, and even limousines and a wedding album. Just make sure you have all the necessary papers and legal requirements for the country you want to get married in.

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