Whale Watching Cruises

Written by Anmy Leuthold
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Embark on one of the many whale watching cruises available, and experience one of nature's biggest splendors. Little measures up to the great excitement of seeing your first whale as it breaches over the water in one magnificent leap. Its massive back as it arcs out of the water. The blast of vapor as it exhales and surfaces. The marvelously sculpted flukes as they immerge from the ocean, splashing water before flipping up and vanishing into the depths of the underwater world. It is almost a religious experience, and for some, deeply moving. The exhilarating feeling of watching the grace and movement of a great, big whale will never change over time.

The most frequently seen whale is the humpback. Alaska is the summer home and feeding ground to pods of humpbacks. Each year, Humpback whales migrate to warmer waters where they will mate, give birth, and take care of their young. One pod will swim to islands south east of Japan. Another pod will migrate to the coast of Baja in Mexico. But the biggest grouping will migrate nearly 3500 miles from their feeding grounds in Alaska, to the Hawaiian Islands. This trip typically takes the humpback approximately 4 to 8 weeks to finish. From the deck of a ship, whales' mating competition, exciting reproductive activity, and underwater communication are beguiling to see and hear.

What to Expect on Whale Watching Cruises
Humpback whales, the fifth largest family of whales on earth, are among the largest animals on earth. Mature adults characteristically weigh up to 45 tons and can grow up to 40 feet in length. And as popular as whales are with people, they seem to delight in the attention too. Why else, in an astounding display of power, would they put on a show, by bounding out of the ocean (called breaching), unless they knew that we were watching? They are even known to come within reach of the ship with astonishing gentleness, just to examine us humans, sometimes hanging out for up to an hour.

Excursions in search of whale watching meccas are easy to find throughout Hawaiian, Alaskan vacation cruises, and more. Usually Whale Watching cruises provide comfortable accommodations, galley service, lounge areas, and extensive deck areas for observing and photography. If you want the most informative and educational experience, choose whale watching cruises led by thoroughly certified and trained naturalists, with personal experience in whale protection and research. Experts will share the latest whale discoveries with you and interpret the whales' intriguing behaviors. This way, you'll get correct and exact answers to your questions during your cruise vacations.

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