World Cruise

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Looking for a World Cruise?

There are times in your life when you want to do something you've never thought you could do. Maybe you're retired and thinking about all those vacation opportunities you and your spouse missed. Maybe you've just graduated from college and want to take some time to see the world. Maybe it's just the right time to explore. Whatever your reasoning, a world cruise is available for every dream.

The variety of cruises around the world is surprising. You can actually still hop a freighter. Well, technically, you don't really hop, and you do have to pay. You might ask why anyone would want to cruise the world that way. For one thing, it's fun, there are no crowds, the atmosphere is informal, and it often costs less than half of what a cruise ship would charge.

Other World Cruise Options

Some brave souls elect to enjoy their cruise around the world by taking a job on a ship. Then there are niche cruises where you can enjoy an educational experience as you travel. Still others choose to take their cruise on a regular cruise line. Generally, these cruises take around three months, but they can be longer or significantly shorter.

If you book a cruise around the world, you will need to do a lot of research in advance. A 90-day cruise requires more preparation that a 4-day cruise. You should get clear and concise instructions from the cruise line about what to take. For example, you will need far more clothing, medications, and money for your cruise. Planning is the key. Be sure to pick a cabin you can live in for three months. Think in terms of size, closet space, and other amenities that you can't live without.

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