About Varadero Cuba

Written by Abby Luttrell
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Some of the most elegant of Cuba hotels are in Varadero, on the Peninsula de Hicacos. Many of these hotels are former luxury villas built by wealthy Cubans from Havana on this swath of enchanting beach. But nowadays you can book any kind of accommodation in Varadero, Cuba, from an expensive spa hotel with all the amenities, to caravan-style camping in a nature preserve.

Another thing you may not realize about Varadero, Cuba--the restaurants are world-class, with many varied cuisines. You can dine in the luxurious "Las Americas", at the former Dupont home, a restaurant that features French and international cuisine. Or you can sample Creole cooking in quaint seaside mansions. There are even restaurants that focus on Swiss or Spanish cuisine.

Around And About Varadero, Cuba

The city of Cardenas, 11 miles south of Varadero, Cuba, has many authentic Creole and Cuban restaurants. It's home to bright, multi-colored buildings with Colonial facades, and with its many horse-drawn carriages, you'll feel like you walked into another century. The beautiful Neo-Classical Parque Echevarria is home to the Museo Municipal, the oldest town museum in Cuba, with rare collections of coins, weapons, and ironware from Spanish galleons.

A little bit of America when you travel to Cuba is the Hershey chocolate train. It's a small electric train which used to run between the Hershey sugar factory and the village of Canasi, just west of Matanzas. You can still ride the Hershey train, with its beautiful tour of the Cuban coast and rain forest taking a little over three hours.

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