Cuba Holguin

Written by Abby Luttrell
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If you're exploring Holguin, Cuba, you may be interested in a side trip to Santiago de Cuba. Santiago de Cuba is probably the most African city in Cuba, and is a mecca for music. The traditional "son" music can be heard in the traditional and intimate Casas de la Trova, which are clubs where people listen to live music and dance.

Live music is also heard on the street, in festivals such as the summer Festival del Caribe. Santiago de Cuba is famous for dance, such as the rumba and the salsa, oral poetry readings, and spicy Creole cooking. The classic Colonial buildings, in pastel colors with intricate ironwork, make Santiago de Cuba one of the most beautiful cities in Cuba.

Hiking Near Holguin, Cuba

Your Cuba travel can take you to the Gran Parque Nacional Sierra Maestra. Here is a huge forested mountain park with high peaks, home to hikers and mountain climbers. You can stay in campsites or tent accommodations and climb the peaks on your Cuba vacation, or simply go on short hikes to view over 300 species of rare orchids.

Also near Holguin, Cuba is Chorro de Maita, the largest native Indian burial site in Cuba and the Antilles. Archaeologists have found skeletons, funerary offerings, pots, beads and shells. There is a reproduction of a Pre-Columbian village and a restaurant offering native foods.

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