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Written by Abby Luttrell
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If you're interested in Cuba travel, you may be envisioning a trip to Havana or the popular Varadero resort nearby. But a little research will reveal some fascinating cities that may be off the beaten track of Cuba travel. For example, Trinidad, on the south coast, was founded in 1514, and the original pastel-colored houses and cobblestone streets seem out of another time.

Trinidad's isolation, and the subsequent embargo, protected the city from new building, and the original town layout is largely unchanged from the colonial city on the turquoise bay that was founded by Diego Velazquez. Beautiful houses and palaces dating back centuries are open for tours.

Trinidad is also the place to sample the laid-back Cuban lifestyle, whether you're sipping the famous canchanchara cocktail and listening to live music at Casa Canchanchara, or viewing one of the many carnivals, parades or festivals with dance competitions, featuring the conga, the salsa or the native rumba. Camaguey is another city that has preserved its colonial architecture, with a complex 16th century labyrinth of alleys, squares, and old-fashioned shops.

Cuba Travel To Santiago

And your Cuba vacation is not complete without a visit to Santiago de Cuba. Santiago de Cuba, home of the famous Carnival, is also home to the most varied music scene in Cuba. Focos culturales and the Casas de la Trova feature traditional music and dance. Santiago has several experimental theatre companies, dance companies and stage shows, and cabarets showcase exciting music and exotic costumes.

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