Hotels In Cuba

Written by Abby Luttrell
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If you're travelling to Cuba, don't be misled into thinking you have to stay in Havana, or in one of the bigger resort areas such as Varadero. Cuba is tourist-friendly, and excellent hotels exist in every region. And there are so many different ecosystems and natural wonders that you won't want to miss the other parts of the island.

Going east from Varadero, the whole north coast is a prime beach and snorkeling area. Cayo Julias is an unspoiled oasis of fine white beaches, populated by rare migratory birds. Cayo Paradiso is the setting for Hemingway's "Islands in the Stream". Marina Hemingway, only 12 miles from the heart of Havana, is a popular sport-fishing center which hosts the annual marlin fishing tournament.

Sierra del Rosario is a UNESCO biosphere of over 60,000 acres which is home to 90 different species of birds. Beautiful hikes and walks will take you past over 60 species of wild orchids. One of the most environmentally friendly hotels in Cuba is the Moka Hotel, which is in the reserve. Don't miss Soroa's orchid garden, Orquideario, which is one of the largest orchid collections in the world, with 700 species.

Scuba Diving Hotels In Cuba

There are hotels in Cuba specifically tailored for diving vacations. Maria La Gorda is just one example, where you can snorkel and dive five miles of reef and view sea turtles, sharks, and the Black Coral Valley, a wall of coral over 100 meters long. Hotels in Playa Los Cocos, in Cayo Largo, sponsor diving trips to shipwrecks and pirate galleons sunk on the local coral reef.

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