Varadero Resorts

Written by Abby Luttrell
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Varadero resorts have been popular since the late 19th century, when prominent Cuban families vacationed there. They built large summer residences that later developed into hotels. It was a fashionable beach for the wealthy in the days when Cuba was a magnet for everyone from Walt Disney to Buster Keaton to Al Capone.

Famous Varadero Resorts

One of these wealthy vacationers was Alfred Dupont, the founder of the chemical fortune. He designed a villa on the rocky promontory of San Bernardino, the highest point in Varadero. This beautiful, four-story villa was named Villa Xanadu.

Villa Xanadu was extravagant even among the opulent Varadero resorts. It was built with Italian marble and rare woods, and was surrounded by a huge garden and a golf course. Dupont escaped Cuba with the revolution in 1959, and his villa reverted to government ownership.

Villa Xanadu is still a stand-out among the beautiful Cuba resorts, only now it is an outstanding restaurant, "Las Americas." "Las Americas" specializes in elegant French cuisine. The dining room still has the original furniture, and you can have a drink in the original library, which displays books and photographs of the Dupont family.

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