Air Travel Auctions

Written by Amy Hall
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Air travel auctions allow avid travelers to get where they are going without breaking the bank. As we all know, airfare can cost an arm and a leg, even if you are flying domestically. However, planning a trip that involves a 24-hour plane ride around the world can be reason to take a second mortgage out on the house. Add to this expense the cost of purchasing multiple tickets for the whole family, and you might have to really reconsider whether the expense is feasible.

Fortunately, air travel auctions give those who are passionate about travel the ability to bid on airline tickets. For instance, let's say you are planning a trip from New York City to Sydney, Australia for four people. According to your travel agent or the airlines themselves, the cheapest round trip tickets will set you back $1,300 each. Right there, for the family to fly to Australia, the price is going to total a whopping $5,200, not including hotel, ground transportation, and meals.

As you can clearly see, travel is not an inexpensive proposition. If you are long overdue for a vacation but you cannot afford to fly with the family, you do have some recourse. First and foremost, throw all of thoughts aside of needing to use a travel agent in order to book a customized travel vacation. You can book your own vacation yourself, at tremendous savings. Here is how you would begin.

Cost-Savvy Air Travel Auctions

First, log onto a travel auction site and register your information. Then, browse through the various flights to your desired destination. When you find what you want, place a minimum and maximum bid for those flights. If you win the bid, you will be notified by email. The only thing left to do is choose your travel dates, pack your bags, and head for the land down under. It doesn't get much better than that, mate.

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