Airfare Auctions

Written by Amy Hall
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Anyone who travels frequently knows how outrageous the price of airline flights can be. Booking flights through travel agents is not always a bargain because they must make some type of commission off the deal. Therefore, the quotes you receive from a travel agent may not truly be the lowest price you could get for air travel.

Even booking your airline flights yourself through an online travel vendor may not yield the greatest cost savings. If you do a bit of comparison shopping among online travel sites, you might be surprised at the size of the price gap between them. Other times you will realize that the majority of online travel sites are providing you with quotes on airfare that still seem high to you, across the board.

Fortunately, with travel auctions, you can bid on air travel and save big money. Airfare auctions work much the same way any auction works. You find a flight to and from your desired destination, and you place a minimum and maximum bid on that flight. In some cases, bidding starts as low as one dollar! Keep in mind that you must be willing to have some flexibility in terms of your travel dates before you begin bidding, because if you win the bid, you will likely have to pay for the airline ticket. The only time winning bidders can get out of paying for their travel package is if the company cannot accommodate any of the bidder's first, second, and third choices regarding travel dates and times.

Airfare Auctions for the Clever Traveler

If spending a few minutes of your time bidding on airfare can save you hundreds, and in some cases, thousands of dollars, doesn't it just make sense to try it? More and more consumers are booking their travel plans in this fashion, as they are realizing the potential for huge cost savings. If you are tired of paying more for airline tickets than you should, travel auctions can be a great alternative.

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