Business Incentives

Written by Seth Cotterell
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Even as the job market gets tighter, companies are looking for ways to hold onto their best employees. Traditional perks such as company picnics and even stock options are not necessarily enough to keep your staff motivated. Giving employees real, usable incentives such as travel packages is the way to attract the best in the business.

Incentives That Really Work

While travel incentives are certainly attractive, they can be costly to dole out. One solution is to join, on a corporate level, a travel club. If a business owner were to join a travel club where premiums and travel vouchers were earned, he would be able to earn incentives for himself and his employees.

While some clubs only offer individual memberships, others will offer premier or corporate packages. This is something to look for when comparing clubs and deals. You want the club that will give you the cheapest incentives, as well as ones that are to locations that people would actually want to travel to.

Cruises are by far one of the most popular business incentives. Many business owners shy away from such incentives because they feel that these trips would simply be too expensive. Fortunately, with a travel club membership, a week long cruise voucher for a couple can cost well under $100. In return, that business owner is likely to see a rise in employee loyalty and productivity that more than make up for the cost. It should be noted that these types of incentives are also great to build customer loyalty as well.

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