Cheap Kauai Vacation Rentals

Written by Amy Hall
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Kauai is paradise, plain and simple. Picture lush vegetation, cascading waterfalls, and some of the most beautiful beaches on earth--that's Kauai. People flock to this Hawaiian island from all corners of the world, hoping to rejuvenate their spirits through the breathtaking landscape and the hospitality of the people there. If you could use a little down time in a tropical paradise, you might be interested in exploring Kauai.

Of course, you could stay at one of the various resorts located throughout the island. However, if you truly want some quiet seclusion, your best bet might be a cheap Kauai vacation rental. Imagine your own private rental home, complete with beach access, a wraparound front porch, and gourmet kitchen. You could cook dinner in or perhaps pick up a picnic lunch in town somewhere and enjoy it on your own private section of beach.

Kauai just begs to be explored. There are certainly a host of outdoor activities that may be of interest to you. Perhaps you can take a horseback riding tour of the valley, followed with a light lunch by a secluded waterfall and spring. Perhaps a daring helicopter tour will excite you, as you sit suspended in air along one of Kauai's many steep vertical cliffs. If swimming with the fish is your thing, perhaps you would enjoy a scuba or snorkeling trip off the coast. Bring your underwater camera, because you will probably see sea turtles, tropical fish, barracuda, and perhaps even a shark or two.

Your Cheap Kauai Vacation

When you are in Kauai, you must go to at least one Hawaiian luau. Here you will enjoy succulent roasted pig and maybe even learn how to do the hula dance. Just think, after each jam-packed day, you can retreat to your own private Kauai vacation rental to rest your head. All of this and more is possible at ultra-low prices through travel auctions online.

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