Coastal Vacation Clubs

Written by Seth Cotterell
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The Internet consists of an affiliation of businesses and individuals who work together for the profit and benefit of all parties involved. Such is the case with the online travel industry. Groups of individuals running their own travel sites work together as part of a consortium or club that uses a central source of information and resources.

These online travel clubs are your best source for discount airline tickets, hotels, motels, and entertainment tickets. Though the individual sites are not connected, they use the same strategies and often go through a common source to obtain discounts and other benefits. Each person who runs their own site was trained by the central agency and they then use its resources to create discount packages.

Club Benefits

This results in two benefits for the business owners. First, it obviously generates income. Each time they sell a discount vacation package, they earn money. Considering the appeal of discount travel, income potential in this industry can be quite high. Some business owners use it as a source of a little extra money, others find that they can earn a very nice living with minimal effort.

The second benefit to business owners is discount travel rewards. Members can take advantage of the club's discounts on their own travels. Since most people who go into this line of work are already passionate about travel, this is a very nice bonus. People are typically able to save over 50 percent on their own vacation packages.

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