Cozumel All Inclusive Deals

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Cozumel all-inclusive deals are a popular way for budget travelers to enjoy the gorgeous island of Cozumel to the fullest. All-inclusive deals generally include hotel or resort lodging, meals, transportation to and from the island, and recreational activities. These activities can include sightseeing and guided tours. They can also include water-oriented activities for which Cozumel is famous.

Among these activities are scuba diving and snorkeling for great views of the underwater tropical fish life. For the adventurous set, thrill-based sports such as water skiing, jet skiing, and sky riding (also known as parasailing) are perennially popular. For those who enjoy a more leisurely and meditative pace, deep sea fishing is an ideal activity, in which you can enjoy hours on the open sea, and maybe even catch a nice-sized fish!

What Do Cozumel All-Inclusive Packages Include?

"All-inclusive" deals can and often do vary in the world of travel, so it's always important to find out the specifics of any package deal before reserving. However, all-inclusive travel packages often include lodging, meals, and a tour guide. They may or may not include airfare. However, they often do include transportation to and from the airport.

All-inclusive deals usually do not include extra fees, such as tips, valet services, international departure and entry fees, special taxes, or government fees. Also, when meals are included, these are almost always part of a pre-arranged menu, and if you wish to stray from this menu, you will be charged separately. Naturally, recreational activities not included in the package will also be a separate expense.

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