Discount Accommodations

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Discount accommodations in exotic vacation destinations offer rest and relaxation, adventure and surprise, at an affordable price. If you think of discount accommodations as a generic motor lodge with shoebox rooms and "cottage cheese" ceilings, think again. Today, discount vacation lodging can be diverse and delightful, ranging from luxury high-rise hotels right on the beach to homey and intimate cottage communities tucked away among the sea palms.

For example, some discount accommodations can include luxury resorts. These resorts occasionally make agreements with travel companies to offer their services at steep discounts to customers. These hotels offer full-service restaurants and maid services, with your every meal served by attentive wait staff and your linens washed everyday by the in-house laundry service. They may also offer regular organized events, such as live entertainment, dancing, or karaoke.

Other Types of Discount Accommodations

Others, offering more informality as well as independence, offer apartment-style living, complete with kitchenettes, washers and dryers, even small private yards and patios. Though you won't be waited on hand and foot in these types of resorts, their attraction is that they tend to offer more privacy, serenity and home-style comfort than a traditional high-rise hotel.

Whichever you prefer, of course, is strictly a matter of personal taste. Some people enjoy the quiet, intimate, "home away from home" atmosphere of a cottage-type resort. Others are attracted to high-rise hotels precisely because of how formal and different they are from everyday life. For some people, a vacation just isn't the same without the traditional trappings of a classic hotel experience.

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