Discount All Inclusive Costa Rica Vacations

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Discount all-inclusive Costa Rica vacations allow you to take advantage of all the beauty, excitement, and relaxation that Costa Rica has to offer. Costa Rica is one of the most dazzling Latin American vacation destinations. It offers a mix of tropical rain forests, majestic mountains, pristine beaches, a friendly local population, and world-class food, drink and culture.

The rain forests of Costa Rica are world famous not only for their beauty and stunning array of fauna and flora, but also for the crucial part they play in the world's ecosystem. The world's rainforests, which provide most of the oxygen necessary for survival on the planet, are rapidly disappearing. However, the government of Costa Rica is one of the world's most conscientious with regard to the preservation of its priceless jungles. It has set aside many nature preserves and forbidden harvesting in much of the forest areas.

Conscientious Costa Rica Vacation Packages

Indeed, eco-tourism in Costa Rica is a booming business right now. Eco-tourism is tourism that helps, rather than hurts, the environment. It is also an exciting and effective way for travelers to get discounts on vacations in exchange for dedicating a bit of their time to helping out with preservation projects. In this way, travelers can see the "real" Costa Rica and mingle with the native population in ways that wouldn't have been available to them through a traditional tour package.

Costa Rica tour packages offer many opportunities for nature-oriented excursions such as hiking, biking, river boating, and horseback riding. Special bird-watching and botanically-oriented tours are also available for aficionados. Finally, of course, there is always the beach, where visitors to Costa Rica can bask in the bright tropical sun with the clear, calm Caribbean just a few feet away.

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