Discount All Inclusive Vacations

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Discount all-inclusive vacations can include a complete package of fun and excitement at a very economical price. "All inclusive" packages nearly always include hotel or resort lodging, meals and beverages (though expensive alcoholic drinks may not be included), and some special activities.

Note that all-inclusive packages often do not include airfare to the vacation destination, unless they're offered by an airline. They also may not include some activities that rely on expensive equipment, such as deep sea fishing, scuba diving, airborne activities such as parasailing, hang gliding, or bungee jumping, or horseback riding. Tips, taxes, and government fees are also usually not included.

Deals on All-Inclusive Vacation Packages

Sometimes all-inclusive vacations will include a tour guide to accompany the travel group for the duration of its stay. Guided tours and special trips to famous landmarks may also be included in the package, as well as transportation to and from these sites. Luxury items and services that might be available at the resort, such as spa therapy or massage, are often not included in the vacation package.

You should always be aware of what exactly is included in your vacation package, and what is not. Ideally, the company offering the package should make all of this information perfectly clear to you without your having to specially request it. However, in any case, be sure to get all the facts before booking your vacation. A reputable company will guarantee its quotes and services to customers, and any company who isn't willing to do so should be avoided.

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