Discount Houston Hotels

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Great deals on discount Houston hotels can be yours with a little bit of research and imagination. Houston is a busy cultural and commercial center of Texas with a lot of money flowing through it, a lot of business being done, and a lot of visitors coming and going. You can bet that the hotel business in Houston is well equipped to handle all this busy activity with characteristic Texas hospitality.

However, the hotel rates can be steep, especially if you go by quoted prices. One way to get a better deal on a hotel is by bundling services. For example, if you're going to fly into Houston and you know you'll need to rent a car, you can often get a good-sized discount if you book all of these services in the same place rather than separately. By continuing to use the same service, you may also be able to accrue the equivalent of "frequent flyer miles" for future discounts.

Getting Discount Houston Hotel Deals

Another popular incentive for bookings is the rebate. Some hotels give rebates--say, $100, as one example--for booking with them. Though you'll be paying money up front, you will get a good amount back. However, if you don't like to deal with going through extra steps or waiting to get your money back, then there are other ways, such as keeping your eye out for special sales.

Finally, there's always the simple, old-fashioned method of asking for discounts up front. Believe it or not, there are many hotels out there who, depending on what business conditions are that day, or even the mood of the person you're talking to, will take the price down just for the asking. As my father always said, "It never hurts to ask." Indeed, sometimes it helps a great deal.

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