Discount Maine Accommodations

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Maine is a nature-lover's paradise, home to some of America's most unspoiled lands. Covered in snow for much of the year, Maine is famous for its excellent downhill and cross-country skiing, as well as snowmobiling, snowshoeing, and ice skating. Besides winter sports, other outdoor activities such as hiking and camping, boating, fishing, horseback riding, and summertime swimming offer visitors endless opportunities to bask in the beauty that is Maine.

Though lodging in Maine can be quite expensive, it is possible to find discount accommodations for less than $100 a night. Maine offers a variety of lodging choices, from quaint and homey bed-and-breakfasts to standard hotels and motor lodges to luxury resorts. To get a good deal, though, you will probably have to do a bit of research and make some basic planning decisions at the outset.

Linking Interests with Lodging

For example, how you want to spend your vacation often determines what time of the year you should go. This is especially true in the case of Maine, for the availability of activities will change with the season. Still, within the seasons, there is some variation in pricing. For example, the dead of summer is one of the most expensive times to travel to Maine, as well as the most crowded. With so many people clamoring for accommodations, hotel owners don't see much incentive in offering meaningful discounts.

However, the beginning of summer is known for more reasonable hotel rates. Early fall is also one of the more economical seasons in which to see Maine, as well as one of the most beautiful, due to the brilliantly changing colors of the trees. Once you enter snow-capped December and the holiday season, though, you're jumping back into premium price range and capacity crowds.

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