Discount Puerto Vallarta Hotels

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Many people refer to Puerto Vallarta as "the new Acapulco," meaning that this seaside Mexican resort city is full of the same kind of excitement, sights, and pleasures as the legendary Acapulco did in its heyday. Over the decades, unfortunately, Acapulco has suffered from overdevelopment, which has somewhat spoiled the once fine quality of its beaches and the serene, laid-back and friendly atmosphere it once had.

Luckily so far, this has not become the fate of Puerto Vallarta, though it certainly never lacks for hotels, restaurants, or entertainment. As this once-tiny fishing village has grown, Puerto Vallarta has preserved its natural beauty and romantic charm. In fact, this resort city is a popular destination for soon-to-be-married couples who want their wedding to take place in beautiful, exotic environs.

Puerto Vallarta Hotel Choices

Puerto Vallarta has four areas in which you can reserve your hotel accommodations: the downtown or "hotel zone," the Marina Vallarta, the Southern Zone, and Nueva Vallarta, or "new Vallarta." Each area offers a variety of hotel choices, from luxury resorts to discount deals right on the beach.

It's wise to choose the zone not only according to what price you can get on a hotel, but also according to your particular interests. For example, if you're an avid snorkler, the best diving waters are in the Southern Zone. If your dream vacation is to spend most of your time putting on the course rather than splashing in the waves, then you'd probably want a hotel in either Nueva Vallarta or Marina Vallarta, which each have 19-hole golf courses.

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