Discount San Antonio Hotels

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Most people don't know that San Antonio is the eighth largest city in the United States. That is just one of the surprises you're in for when you visit San Antonio, one of America's most expectation-defying cities. Long in the shadow of that other Texas traveler's delight, Austin, San Antonio is less than two hours away on Interstate 35. It also has much in common with its sister to the north.

For one, in spite of now being formally ranked as a metropolis, San Antonio retains every bit of its small-town charm. Modest wooden frame houses from the Victorian era, with ample and welcoming front porches, mark many a city block in San Antonio. These homes represent the character of San Antonio: warm, welcoming, and unassuming, yet lovely in its authenticity.

Hospitality in Discount San Antonio Hotels

Discount San Antonio hotels can offer visitors that same feeling of being warmly welcomed by people who really mean it. Texas hospitality is legendary, though hardly exaggerated. You'll find the people working in San Antonio's hospitality business, even in the lower-priced hotels, as quick and competent as they are friendly.

Discount lodgings in San Antonio are plentiful and offer a range of services, from swimming pools and workout areas to coffee machines in the rooms. Cable TV is standard, as is secure parking and wireless Internet connections. For families traveling with children, some discount San Antonio hotels offer a special playground and mini-pool for children, as well as children's menus in the restaurants and coffee shops.

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