France Vacations

Written by Seth Cotterell
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Few countries have the power to stir the imagination and conjure images of romance and intrigue like France. This wonderful European country has it all: great food, friendly people, natural beauty, rich culture, and a storied history. France has enjoyed a reputation as a must-see vacation destination for centuries.

The History of French Vacations

In fact, France's history as a top travel destination extends back a long way. In 18th century British society, no young person of the upper classes could be considered a truly well-rounded member of society without first having spent up to three years in what was called the "Grand Tour." The Grand Tour was an extensive length of time where the young man or woman traveled abroad on the European continent, soaking up its culture and art.

France was the premier destination on the Grand Tour. Today, it is not expected that young people spend such considerable time touring France and other European countries, and it is a shame that it is not. Vacationing in France is still one of the best ways to grow and develop as a person while taking part in the beauty and splendor of a truly amazing culture.

In the old days, only the upper crust of British society could afford to travel to France and the rest of the continent. Today however, with the advent of the Internet, practically anyone can afford to take a French vacation without going to the poor house. Discount travel sites can help you get there, and many people find that combining their love of travel with some internet smarts is a great business opportunity. You can find out more about starting an Internet travel business from one of the quality discount travel sites online and even communicate directly with others who have done the same thing.

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