Travel Auctions

Written by Amy Hall
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If you love to travel but cannot afford the high prices that go along with it, you can finally get the deals you want with travel auctions. Essentially, travel auctions online allow you to place bids on specific travel vacations, starting with a minimum bid across the board. You do have the option to go in and enter a maximum bid for yourself, as this can help facilitate the process. Most online sites require you to register with them first before you can begin making bids on their travel packages.

Registering only takes a few minutes, and then you are free to bid on as many travel vacations as you would like. Keep in mind that if you bid on several vacations at once, you may win all of them. If you are not prepared to pay for more than one vacation at a time, it is wise to refrain from bidding on multiple trips. Some companies will not let you back out of a winning bid unless for some reason they cannot accommodate any of your travel dates. Otherwise, you would be obligated to pay for all of your winning bids.

Before you register with an online site, you should take a moment to browse through their offerings. A good travel auction site will offer numerous vacations, from wild African safaris to romantic trips to Tuscany to scuba diving excursions in the Bahamas. If you do not see any vacation packages that really make your heart sing, it may be wise to move on and keep looking for other online sites.

Register to Win with Travel Auctions

Travel is a gift that many people around the world relish. If you often find yourself staring out your office window dreaming of faraway places, you would likely derive great pleasure in travel auctions. Imagine being able to finally take that 10-day cruise to Belize or Cozumel simply because you were the winning bidder online. There is perhaps nothing sweeter than being able to see exotic places, experience new cultures, and meet different people, especially when you can save a tremendous amount of money in the process.

Travel auctions are a traveler's greatest ally. When you take a moment to think about how expensive it can be to book airline tickets, not to mention paying for hotel accommodations, ground travel, and meals, travel auctions are a great deal. You can bid on an entire package, including airfare, hotel, transportation to and from the airport to your hotel, food, as well as all fees and taxes. Forget about paying for each item a la carte. This is only going to drain your funds faster, limiting your options.

Purchasing a total package allows you to get the most for your money, and when you are traveling, any money you can save is a blessing. If you have always wanted to go on a diving excursion in the Seychelles followed by a wild African safari in Kenya, now you can. Travel auctions can literally save you thousands of dollars on fabulous vacations without skimping on the quality of accommodations. You can stay in a luxury oceanfront hotel or sleep in a tented camp out in the bush if that is more to your liking. The point is, travel auctions give you options, and that is always a good thing.

Travel the Smart Way

When booking your winning bid, it is best to include your first choice for travel dates as well as some second and third choices. You must be open to some flexibility in scheduling because that is how most online auction travel sites are able to secure such low prices. If you can only travel during the week of December 2nd, you may find yourself in a pinch. Some travel auction sites will refund your money if they cannot secure your airline tickets or hotel rooms during your requested travel dates. However, some companies will not be as accommodating, simply because they cannot afford to be.

Travel auctions work well for the person who has some degree of flexibility in their schedule, and who does not mind the concept of bidding against others in order to get ultra-low prices on a vacation packages. Most travelers would be thrilled to save big money on top-notch vacation packages, regardless of how they went about doing so. If you cherish the gift of travel but don't have a big budget to fund your excursions, travel auctions could be just the ticket for you.

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