Travel For Less

Written by Rachel Arieff
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There are several ways to travel for less. All it takes is a little creativity, flexibility, and discipline. This doesn't mean, however, that you have to sacrifice enjoyment in order to keep your bills down. It simply means two things: thinking out of the box, and thinking practically, in order to enjoy traveling while spending less money.

For example, one quite obvious way to save money on your vacation is to travel in the off-season. For warm, tropical locations, this usually means in the spring and fall or winter months. Up north, the off-season is usually from February to April or May, and sometimes in the fall as well. You can save hundreds just by choosing to go at a different time of year. Another benefit is that you can avoid the huge, annoying crowds that you'd most likely experience during peak vacation months.

Ways to Travel for Less

Another way to save money is to book your trip far in advance, by as much as a year. The farther ahead you book, the more choices you'll have, and, as a rule, better rates on airfare and hotel. The opposite is also true, for last-minute deals can also offer fantastic savings. The key to success with this type of booking, of course, is your ability to commit to your trip if you book far in advance--or, in the case of the last-minute deal, to be able to get up and go quickly.

Finally, another way to travel for less, which is the least fun to talk about but cannot be ignored, is to set a budget and stick to it. This is easier for some than others. However, it is an essential skill for the successful traveler. All the plans you make to save money will be for naught if you thoughtlessly throw away your hard-earned cash on uncontrolled shopping and poorly-researched dining and entertainment choices. Sticking to a budget is a skill that gets easier the longer you practice it, and one that will enable you to enjoy many more vacations in the future.

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