Vacation Condo Rentals

Written by Amy Hall
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Has it been ages since your last vacation? Can you remember the last time you went away and truly returned home feeling rested? If you are struggling to conjure up images of your last getaway, perhaps you are long overdue for some fun. Take a moment to consider the possibilities concerning your next vacation.

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go? Somewhere warm and sunny? Perhaps somewhere historic and romantic, like Venice or Rome? Maybe you are dying for a little adventure, and would love to embark on a wild African safari. Well, now is the time to start thinking about planning your next vacation so that it is all you dreamed it would be and more.

One point to consider is where you will stay when you arrive at your desired destination. Let's say your travels take you to Tuscany, in the hilltop town of Cortona. Where would you rather rest your head at night? In a five-star hotel or in a rented villa overlooking the valley? If you opt for the private villa, you will likely be pleasantly surprised with this decision. Renting a private villa or condo allows you easy access to the natives, to the land, and all that their daily lives encompass.

Private Vacation Rentals

Furthermore, staying in the private rental will give you a better feel for what life is like in the town you are visiting. You can buy fresh fruits and vegetables at the local farmer's market for the day's meals, stop at the bakery for fresh bread, and perhaps even visit the butcher for some fresh wild boar or lamb. Then, you can take your goodies back to your private rental home, and cook up the most delicious meal, to be enjoyed on your back deck under the setting sun. Many travelers would agree, there is nothing better.

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