Discovering A World Away From Home In Paphos

Written by brookeh9
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Anyone who is interested in history, discovery and an alternative world, can find it in the richness of Paphos. This area provides centuries of history, culture, combined with newer levels of entertainment that you can enjoy. Whether you want to find an opportunity to relax and enjoy nature, or desire to discover the best of Greece, you can start by visiting the city of Paphos.

Paphos is located in the South West corner of the island of Cyprus. The surroundings on one side include a coast to the Coral Bay. Within this, are two main areas to visit. The first is a resort area by the bay, known as Kato Paphos. The second area is the town, known as Pano Paphos. These separate areas allow you to either get away on a vacation or visit the historical area of the town and village. This helps you to combine your vacation desires with the ability to discover a completely new world.

With this basis, is the ability to discover the parts of Paphos through the old town. This begins with the old Paphos area, which has archaeology and different historical replicas from ancient Greece. This begins with the foundation of the community, which is known as the historical birth area of Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of beauty and love. For anyone interested in Greek mythology, are also several places attributed to Aphrodite, as well as an area with an oracle and buildings left by chief priests that based their followings off the goddess.

The historical traits combine into later history, including newer areas that are a part of Paphos. You can find anything from the Tombs of the Kings to the ancient Odeon Theatre, churches from the medieval ages and newer areas that include art and theatre districts. These are recognized with a rich cultural heritage which individuals can enjoy with their visit into the Paphos village.

With these various historical areas that can be enjoyed for education as well as cultural understanding, are also more tourist options that you can take. For instance, if you want to enjoy relaxation and luxury, then you can find an alternative by enjoying the nature in the area. Paphos is known for it's rich landscape, specifically with it's close proximity to the bay. There are also several land dwellings that have historical marks as a part of the region. Within this are ways to simply enjoy nature and to relax while you are in the area.

Not only can you use these two parts of Paphos for your enjoyment, but can also add in the Mediterranean weather to the benefits of your vacation. This includes a high humidity level with continuous and year round warmth. The months from November to March have more rain and precipitation in the area. However, this does not change the warm weather climate, allowing for continuous outdoor activities and sight seeing to be available.

If you are considering a relaxing vacation that combines a rich culture and history, then you can look at ways to enjoy a resort area, while discovering the village that is a part of Paphos. Looking into villas in Paphos helps you to begin your vacation while providing you with an alternative area to stay in, which combines luxury and relaxation. From this, you can enjoy the historical landmarks, scenery and culture that make up this area of Greece.

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