Disney Vacation Home

Written by Jessica Duquette
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A Disney vacation home is an investment whether you are looking to rent or sell. As rental properties, many families are considering this alternative to the traditional Disney vacation. For one week's rental, the average family would have to spend twice as much at a theme-park property.

Hotels Vs. Home Rentals

By renting a vacation home, these families enjoy all the comforts of home; full meals, laundry and adequate living space. Since more rental properties are popping up around Disney parks, getting to and from all major attractions is a cinch. Why spend twice as much money cooped up in a hotel room?

For real estate owners, a Disney vacation home can be very profitable. Finding the right management company is difficult, but the protecting your property is essential. When rented to the right people, a vacation home can often provide a stable second income.

Find a Disney Vacation Home Online

To find prime real rental real estate, utilize the Internet. The web can provide you with full-color photos, descriptions and often virtual tours of your potential vacation home. This helps you understand what you're getting before you invest any money.

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