Florida Villa

Written by Jessica Duquette
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A Florida villa is the perfect escape from the commercialism and tourism of Orlando. While you love bringing your children to Epcot and Magic Kingdom, after a few hours all you really want is some peace and quiet. Heading back to your resort will introduce you to thousands of tourists crowded around the pool or eating in hotel restaurants, obviously not your idea of quiet.

A Florida villa can serve as your escape route from the hectic surroundings of Orlando. After a few days of non-stop attractions, what you and your family could really use is a quiet afternoon at home watching a movie. By renting your own villa equipped with cable TV, VCRs and an outdoor grill; you can have a relaxing afternoon at home before you head out for the fireworks show tonight.

Escape to Relaxation in Your Florida Villa

No Disney hotel can offer you the relaxation and at-home feel of a villa. With all of these added benefits the price of renting a property of this magnitude must cost a fortune. It doesn't. In fact, you'll save money by renting a villa as opposed to cooping up in a stale hotel room.

Hundreds of property owners post their real estate on the web. This allows you to take a virtual tour through the entire house and decide whether or not the property works for you. With deeply discounted rates during the off-season, it is in your best interest to evaluate these options.

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