Florida Villa Rental

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Florida villa rental is a rapidly growing trend among vacationers. People are getting fed up with impersonal, price-gouging hotels where so much can go wrong--and often does. These people are turning to the comfort, relaxation and elegance of Florida vacation homes.

Even for small families, hotel room expenses can really add up. Before you know it, the hotel bill becomes the overwhelming expense of the entire trip! Fortunately, there is an attractive alternative: the Florida villa rental.

The Attraction of a Florida Villa Rental

Disney villas give your family the privacy, space, and fine amenities it deserves for a truly relaxing, enjoyable vacation. Villas commonly provide the same luxuries as hotels. Linen and towel service, housekeeping, swimming pools, Jacuzzis and saunas, and cable TV are all standard to Florida vacation homes.

The bonus that Florida villa rental provides, which hotels cannot, is real privacy and space. Vacationers in villas enjoy a spacious home with multiple bedrooms, their own yard, and a quiet residential neighborhood. These unique amenities put their vacation experience in a class by itself.

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