Florida Villa Rentals

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Florida villa rentals can prove cost effective during peak season. While the rest of the vacationers hustle home to overcrowded hotels and long wait times at in-house restaurants, you open your villa door to tranquility and peacefulness after a day fighting the crowds at amusement parks. Let's face it, when you agree to take your children to Disney, there's no room for your own relaxation, right?

For those families who choose to stay in commercialized hotels with the other million tourists, relaxation is a mirage. The brochures you see with parents basking in the sun while children calmly play in the splash pool is inaccurate at best. Perhaps a more truthful presentation would show mothers fastening leash-like devices to their own toddlers in order to maintain their whereabouts among the thousand other children in the pool.

A Glimpse at Florida Villa Rentals

Or maybe you were lucky enough to see a brochure of a family enjoying their Orlando vacation from the comfort of a private pool. No leash, no chaos, and no worries plague families who choose to spend their vacation at Florida villa rentals. These rental properties offer the safety of your own home, the luxury of an Orlando vacation and the convenience to Disney parks and recreation.

All these benefits for a trip that costs less than an average Disney World vacation. To even further decrease the price, consider traveling to Orlando during the off-season. With fabulous year-round weather, fewer tourists and more affordable pricing, you'll never brave Epcot during spring break again.

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