Orlando Villa

Written by Jessica Duquette
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An Orlando villa allows Florida vacationers the chance to experience all that Orlando has to offer without all the hassles associated with staying in a hotel or Disney resort. Being able to get away from the park and other tourists is a huge benefit that a villa can offer. Another advantage is that you are still close to the major attractions; most villas are located about ten miles away from the theme parks.

Your Own Orlando Villa

A number of families choose to vacation in Orlando every year. They may stay in the same hotel each year but never feel like they know the room they are staying in. An advantage of renting a villa is that you can stay in that same villa each year so that the home begins to feel like your own vacation home. Even though you are still renting you are familiar with the villa and area attractions without having to deal with the headaches of owning the property.

Vacation For Everybody

Many families that travel to Orlando do it for their children to enjoy Disney World and other theme parks. As a parent, most of your time is spent chaperoning. By renting an Orlando villa parents have the chance to relax and enjoy themselves when they return from the park.

Whether you decide to lay by the pool, relax on a chaise on the porch or just sit and watch television, you can make sure that you have some relaxing time while your children are having fun. Your kids will have a blast at the park and then you may have friends over to your villa later that night.

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