Orlando Villas

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Orlando villas are magical places. When you hear the word "villa" do you conjure up a vision of a luxurious but comfortable home where the family spends quality time together? If so, that's an excellent description of the kinds of dwellings that families are choosing to stay in for their Florida vacations.

Orlando is home to a staggering array of popular attractions. Disney World, Sea World, and Universal Studios all make their home in this great city in central Florida. Every year, millions of people flock to the Orlando area, and more and more of them are forgoing overpriced hotels to stay in luxury Orlando villas.

Experience the Difference of Luxury Orlando Villas

Orlando villas are similar to luxury hotels because they offer some of the same services. Telephone, cable TV, swimming pools, Jacuzzis, even maid and linen service all are common to Florida vacation villas. However, they're different from hotels because they're homes that you can make your own.

You can even buy holiday villas in Orlando. In the long run, this isn't quite the expense it seems, because you can rent out your villa when you're not using it and make your money back! For this reason, vacation homes near Disney are becoming an exciting and popular investment.

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