Vacation Homes Near Disney

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Vacation homes near Disney are the perfect way to experience Disney World. This great theme park is nicknamed "the land of the imagination." Is it any coincidence that the area around Disney World happens to be "the land of great vacation homes"?

Every year, people are purchasing vacation homes within minutes of Disney World. The reasons for this are clear. Loaded with both resort-quality luxuries and the comforts of home, Orlando villas are a step up from the hotel experience.

What Do Vacation Homes Near Disney Have to Offer?

First of all, vacation homes near Disney offer proximity. Many are within five to 15 minutes of the park. Also, it is standard for many of these vacation homes to be loaded with luxuries that include swimming pools, saunas and Jacuzzis, maid and landscaping services.

Best of all, investing in vacation homes near Disney can really pay off. When the owners are away, they can turn their home into a temporary rental property. Even when you're not personally using it, your Disney vacation home can be working for you!

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