Britrail Passes

Written by Liza Hartung
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If you only plan on roaming around England, Scotland and Wales, or spend most of your time there, you will want to seriously consider Britrail passes. The Britrail is the train line that connects these three countries. It will take you to many different cities and towns throughout Great Britain. It's a perfect way to effectively explore these three countries.

There are all sorts of Britrail passes to fit the needs of any traveler that comes through. For those who are traveling around for a couple of months, you can get a pass that is good for anywhere from four to 15 days of travel during a two month period. Something like this is perfect for those who know they want to travel but aren't quite sure of the exact dates. Get this pass if you want to leave your trip flexible and open to spontaneity.

With all of the Britrail passes, you can find some really great discounts if you know where to look. First, any child between the ages of five and 15 who is traveling with an adult who has purchased a pass travels for free. Children under the age of five always travel free. Most Britrail passes will also get you discounts on the Chunnel.

Discounts with Britrail Passes

If you are traveling in groups of three or four and choose to travel first class, you can get a 50 percent discount. This is totally worth the price. It will be less than if you individually purchased second class tickets. You will save money and get to enjoy first class travel. It's a great deal.

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