Budget European Travel

Written by Liza Hartung
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Budget European travel is the way to go. Don't think this means that you have to stay in hostels and travel in coach class everywhere you go. It just means that you get great discounts. You get these discounts all over the place for all different reasons. You might purchase a travel package that includes airfare, hotel and car rental. You might be traveling during the fall or winter months. You might be under 26 or traveling with a group.

All of these situations, plus others, will afford you fantastic discounts. The first thing I would suggest looking for is travel packages. There are ones that not only include what I just mentioned, but also train travel throughout Europe and even some discounts at restaurants and tourist sites. If you know you will be on an extended stay, longer than just a few days, you might want to think about getting a train pass.

The Eurail is the most popular transit system in Europe. It traverses 17 countries. You can get passes that allow for unlimited travel for two months. If that's not what you're doing this time around, get a pass that's good for four or eight days of travel in a three-week time period.

The Ultimate Budget European Travel

If you care more about the money you save than where you stay, hostels are your answer. Anyone who stays in a hostel is usually only there when sleep becomes an overwhelming necessity. If you want to save as much money as possible, but want your own room with your own shower, try some one or two-star hotels. They're not nearly as bad as they sound.

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