Cheap Hotels In Paris

Written by Amy Hall
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Cheap hotels in Paris don't have to be cheap hotels in Paris, if you get the picture. When you hear the word "cheap hotel," you most likely picture, a dark, dank room that smells like cigarette smoke and has stained carpets and leaky faucets. Well, you wouldn't be wrong, as there certainly are cheap hotels that fit this description.

However, you should know that cheap hotels in Paris could actually be three, four, even five star hotels that are offered at discounted prices. It's totally true and it can happen for you if you know where to look. The best way to find a luxury hotel in Paris at a budget price is to do a little bit of research online before you book any reservations.

Expensive Cheap Hotels in Paris

It sounds like an oxymoron, but it is the perfect description for finding budget hotels in Paris that are actually luxury hotels which can be reserved at discounted prices. When you go online and book your European hotel reservation yourself, you are going to save money right there. Since you are not paying the travel agent's commission with inflated prices, you can put that savings in your pocket towards other things, like shopping in Paris!

In addition to these savings, you can save even more money if you travel during the city's low-tourist months, which usually run from October through March. Traveling during these times can even be more enjoyable because you are not going to have to contend with the crowds of tourists when you sightsee or dine out. You also won't have to pay the astronomical prices that come with the high-tourist season. In essence, if you travel during the off-months, and you book your reservation yourself, you can stay at the most luxurious hotel rather cheaply.

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