Chunnel Fares

Written by Liza Hartung
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Chunnel fares are less expensive than you might think. Now that the Chunnel has been proven to be such an effective way to travel from Britain to the mainland of Europe, people are taking it all the time, and prices are quite reasonable. For instance, let's say you will be in Europe for two months and you want unlimited travel on the Chunnel. That will cost you about $400 for flexible travel whenever you want.

Now, some of you are saying, "But what if I'm not going for two months? What if I just want a couple of weeks or days with the Chunnel?" That's fine. You can get passes for anywhere from a one-way to several months. A day trip will normally cost somewhere around $100 or a little less. That's for round trip tickets for the same day. If you leave in the morning and don't come back that night, you will have to purchase a new ticket.

You can also get some really great Chunnel fares if you know that you can travel during the weekdays. Obviously, most travel is on the weekends. Therefore, you will not only get great rates for being able to travel during slow weekdays, you will also have more room on the train.

Pricing Chunnel Fares

Chunnel fares stay pretty consistent. Don't think that if you wait a while to purchase that they will suddenly go down. You can be smart about your travel times, though, in order to save money. Don't just travel on the weekdays, but travel during the off-season as well. This means staying away from travel in June, July or August.

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