Chunnel Passes

Written by Liza Hartung
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Chunnel passes are a great way to travel. With these, you can freely go back and forth between the three cities this great train connects: London, Paris and Brussels. As the ride is only about three hours, you can take day trips. If you are staying in Paris, why not take a day to visit London? You could get there in the morning, grab a nice English breakfast and head out to do some sightseeing.

I highly recommend touring the Tower of London. Make sure you do the guided tour and don't just walk through on your own. You will hear some wonderfully gruesome and hilarious tales told by jolly Beefeaters. This is also where you can see the Crown Jewels. You have never seen so many big, sparkly and expensive things in all your life. You will hear about which pieces belong to which members of royalty and when they were stolen.

For your day trip, I would also suggest catching a matinee. If you don't have tickets to one, stop by Leicester Square. It's a stop on the Tube. They have a half-price ticket booth where you can get tickets for that day. You probably don't want to do a night show because you will have to be back on the Chunnel by eight or so.

Purchasing Chunnel Passes

You can purchase Chunnel passes at any point during your trip. If you know you will be traveling on the underwater train before you begin your trip, you can get tickets online or through a travel agent. If, however, you hadn't planned on taking the Chunnel, but it suddenly strikes you while you are over there, go ahead and get some. There are usually tickets available all the time.

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