Chunnel Travel

Written by Liza Hartung
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Chunnel travel is a blast. The Chunnel is one of the fastest moving trains in Europe. It only goes through three cities: London, Paris and Brussels. It's also called the Eurostar. If you get tickets for the Chunnel, they will say Eurostar on them. Don't freak out, you're on the right path. Just make sure you show up on time for your train because this thing waits for no one. Every time I have traveled on the Chunnel, it's left right on time.

Even if your departure time is absurdly early in the morning, don't go to sleep just yet. It won't be long until you are deep under the English Channel in the dark. For the first twenty minutes or so, look outside. Notice how fast you are going. This was a big revelation for me when I was on the Eurostar. I started to realize that I could barely see the telephone poles unless I actively moved my eyes to look for them.

It's a pretty awesome feeling to know you are moving that fast. Once you start to descend underwater, you won't have to worry about sleeping and missing any scenery. You will be underwater for about 20 minutes at an average depth of 150 feet below the water's surface.

Keeping Busy with Chunnel Travel

Many of the seats on the Chunnel face each other. They also have tables that fold out between the seats. This set-up makes for perfect card playing. When you just can't sleep because you are too excited about your trip, fold out the table, play cards, write in your journal or organize your upcoming day in a new country.

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