Cobblestone Tours

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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For "culture, cuisine, and discovery," you can't do too much better on the Iberian peninsula than Cobblestone Tours if you're thinking of a small group tour. Two entrepreneurs got this venture underway in 1988 for the best of all possible reasons. They love travel and helping others travel to the unique places they've discovered.

Cobblestone Tours: a Good Choice for Travel

The founders of Cobblestone Tours, Paulette Hurdlik and Denise Germer, also know the areas to which they design tours very well indeed. Initially this was only the Basque region. Their standard is to study and visit an area for at least two years before offering tours to their clients. From the Basque region of northern Spain, they've expanded their tour offerings. Other regularly scheduled tours include Catalan Spain, mainland Portugal, and the island of Sicily. Over time, more wonderful areas are sure to be added.

The goal of Cobblestone Tours is an authentic experience in areas most Americans do not visit. Tour group sizes vary from about 10 to as many as 20. Small groups, the owners explain, enable the guests to travel at a pace comfortable to them. Hurdlik and Germer oversee every detail of every tour, whether scheduled or customized.

The guides who accompany guests are chosen for their knowledge of the area--whether Barcelona, Sicily, the Algarve, the Basque provinces, or any other--as well as their personable characters and great sense of hospitality. All are either natives or long-time residents of the areas they serve. Their organizational skills and English proficiency, of course, are also very important to the owners of Cobblestone Small Group Tours.

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