Dutch Train Travel

Written by Liza Hartung
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Have you ever heard the term "Dutch" and wondered what country, exactly, it was referring to? Many people get confused with this term. It's not quite as simple as saying that things from France are French or things from America are American. Dutch refers to the Netherlands. Some people also say Holland, although there is now a North and South Holland. The term Dutch can refer to the language, the people of the Netherlands and anything from that region.

We often associate the Netherlands with such Dutch things as windmills, wooden shoes, tulips and dikes. These are a few of the things the Netherlands is famous for. In 2004, the Netherlands ranked fifth on a list of nations with the highest standard of living. In case you're curious, the top four were Norway, Sweden, Australia and Canada. If you're looking to make a big move, try these countries.

Beautiful Dutch Train Travel

Dutch train travel is wonderful because of the scenery. You will want to stay awake for these trips. You will want your camera as well. There's a reason this place is know for the tulips. Just looking at the fields of these colorful flowers will call out a peace and creativity in you that you have never known. Let the view do to you what it will.

You might even find that you think of some of these views long after your trip has ended, at times when you feel stressed out. The breathtaking countryside will live within you for the rest of your life. You will also have some magnificent meals and meet some very friendly people.

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