Eurail Passes

Written by Liza Hartung
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Eurail passes offer amazing freedom for anyone who has a desire to travel through Europe. Even if you are only staying in London for 10 days, you can reap the benefits of one of these passes. If that was your case, you could get a pass that is good for the Britrail. This means you can travel freely among the countries of England, Scotland and Wales. For an added benefit, have Ireland tacked on and see some of the greenest lands on this planet.

When you are traveling through Europe, you will discover a desire to see more. The beauty, the history, the food, the culture and all the amazing landmarks will call you to them. The easiest way to feel that you have the most freedom is to have Eurail passes. You won't have to worry about standing in long lines to get your tickets. You won't have to worry if you had a ticket for a certain time and you missed your train.

Freedom with Eurail Passes

With Eurail passes you just hop on and hop off. There's no better way to travel. Even if you are just going from one point to another and that's it, get your tickets early. You can purchase tickets that allow you travel at any time during a specific day. This means you can get up when you want, maybe do a little last minute sightseeing and get on the train when you feel you're ready.

Another great thing about having a train pass is that you can go back to places. Let's say you've been through Switzerland, Italy and Spain, and you find that you have some extra time. You absolutely loved Venice. You loved the gondolas and the boats that are like taxis. You loved the gelato and the lasagna. Simply take your pass and hop on the next train back to Venice.

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