Eurail Reservations

Written by Liza Hartung
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Eurail reservations are not always necessary very far in advance, but can be made if you so choose. If you know that you have to be on a specific train at a specific time, say to catch a plane or an event, you should go ahead and make your reservation before you leave. This will help ensure that your train isn't sold out. If it is, you will know well in advance and be able to make necessary adjustments.

For those who have more flexible schedules, consider making your reservations in Europe. Reservations tend to be non-transferable and non-refundable. Therefore, if you make them during your trip, you should be certain that you will be traveling at those times. It's also a lot easier to make your reservations while in Europe. You don't have to worry that times have been changed.

The entire Eurail line is generally on time and accurate with their schedules, even months in advance. However, you never know when something unexpected will happen. The closer you make your reservations to the time of travel, the more you can ensure you will get to your destination when planned.

Eurail Reservations in Advance

Depending on the type of train you will be traveling on, you can make your reservations a certain number of days in advance. For most point-to-point regular trains, you can book outward of 60 days. For the high-speed trains, you can book 90 days in advance. If you will be taking the Chunnel anywhere, you can book those tickets up to 120 days in advance. With this feature, you can sit back and not worry that you won't be able to get on the train.

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