European Small Group Tours

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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European small group tours are a wonderful way to enjoy art and architecture, wine and cuisine, or simply the exploration of old places and new landscapes. Whether you're thinking of a tour of the Lake District in England, the Romantic Road in Germany, or perhaps the quintas of Portugal, small group tours are designed with just this idea in mind. Most of us take at most three weeks for a holiday. It's impossible to take a random approach and still see and do everything a country offers in that span of time. Much of the enjoyment, besides, is in sharing the experience with others.

The Advantages of European Small Group Tours

Before you roll your eyes at the thought of being one of a bus load of American tourists--that image will never go away entirely, no matter what the decade--consider the benefits of traveling with a group. Think instead of a tour with a narrow focus, with an itinerary planned by people who know the countryside intimately. How much better an insight and well-rounded experience your visit to Europe will be!

Consider, for example, how long you've lived in the city or town you call home, be it Columbus, Ohio, in the foothills of the Appalachians in Virginia, or on the outskirts of San Francisco. When friends or relatives from other states come to visit, chances are that you sometimes take them to see sights and enjoy recreation that you haven't been to before. I know that it took a friend in from Japan to finally get me to two major Civil War battlefields.

Europe may be small but there is so much history, so many landscapes, so much culture, that it often seems impossible--and is--to do much more than skim the surface as a vacationer. Focused European small group tours, however, work around the problem. Perhaps you're interested in Romanesque churches, or natural hot springs, or nature preserves. It's worth your time to research the options and see European small group tours as a possible answer to your dilemma.

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