European Train Reservations

Written by Liza Hartung
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European train reservations aren't always necessary before you head off to your trip. Some people think they have to have their reservations in their hand or they won't be able to get on a train. This isn't true. You are pretty much free to travel when you like while you are in Europe. As long as you know a few key things, you should be fine in your train travel.

If you are only traveling once during your trip, say from Barcelona to Berlin, you can purchase your ticket early. This is a good idea if you know that you are traveling on a specific day. On the other hand, if you know that you will be making that trip, but aren't sure of what day, you can wait until you are in Europe to decide.

When you are roaming around the great continent of Europe, waiting for inspiration on where to go next, make sure you have a train schedule with you. You don't want to spend extra time first finding the nearest station and then seeing if the schedule fits with what you are looking for. It's much easier and more efficient to have access to the timetables wherever you are.

The Best Times for European Train Reservations

If you are planning on making your trip spontaneous, you might want to avoid traveling during commuting times. Many trains will be packed wall to wall. If you get a seat, don't get up until you absolutely have to. Most likely, you will have to stand in the aisles until commuting time slows down or you move to a more remote part of the country.

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