European Train Travel

Written by Liza Hartung
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Train travel can be the funnest part of being in Europe for vacation. The experience of being on European trains, crossing from one country to the next, and watching the countryside change right before your eyes is fascinating. I will never forget my train ride from southern France into Barcelona. The ride was a few hours, but all of a sudden we went from French-speaking people to Spanish-speaking people boarding and exiting the train.

When you aren't used to something like that, you'd be surprised at how much it strikes you. On the very same train ride you might not only switch countries, but cultures as well. In a matter of twenty minutes, the people start to look different. You get the true feeling that you are traveling out of your world and into something new.

The Memories of European Train Travel

You should definitely have a camera and/or journal for European train travel. You never know when something outside, inside or at the train station will catch your eye. I recommend having both color and black and white film for your camera. Many black and white pictures have a great old time postcard feel to them.

Bring a journal as well. Traveling on a train is the perfect time to write. Whenever you lack inspiration or need to take a break from writing, just look out the window. You will see meadows, animals, old brick buildings with graffiti on them, majestic mountains and the vast ocean. You may find new inspirations to be a poet. These views have moved millions of people to write and speak in a way they never have before.

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