European Trains

Written by Liza Hartung
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European trains are wonderful. Whether you have four foldout seats to yourself or are scrunched in the aisle for three hours, you will be creating fond memories. Every train provides an ample amount of windows for you to enjoy the passing city or countryside. I was traveling with a group of about eight people a few years ago. One of our train rides we were stuck in the aisle.

It was squishy, but watching the scenery was wonderful. Seeing all the different people getting on and off the train provided hours of amusement. I know some of you are saying that you would not enjoy sitting on your luggage for three hours. However, most people who are traveling through Europe realize that this is sometimes part of the deal.

Riding European Trains

You can't always have a little room to yourself. Not many people realize that European trains differ from trains in America. Many trains in Europe have rooms with six to eight seats. Three or four seats will face another three or four seats. Something that I discovered on one of my last train rides is that many of these seats pull out. As you pull, they connect with the seats on the other side, thus creating a kind of bed.

This is wonderful news for anyone. Whether you desperately need sleep or just want to put your feet up while you soak in the scenery, you will love this feature. Know that if you are traveling during high commuting times, it will be hard for you to get a room by yourself.

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