European Travel Packages

Written by Liza Hartung
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If you are interested in saving money on your trip to Europe, look into European travel packages. You will find some deals you never knew existed. If you know a few key things, you can get airfare, lodging and train passes for what you would pay for just one of those things. First know that the best deals are found on the Internet. Sign up for a few of the "deals" emails.

Many different travel websites have them. You'll get an email once a week that will tell you about the new travel specials. When you sign up, you can usually input where you live. This means you will get the list of travel deals from around your area. Your local airport will be used. If you live in Tennessee, you probably don't care about the deals out of Los Angeles International Airport.

Deals will pop up that you never imagined. Just today I found one that was roundtrip airfare plus six nights in a hotel in London for $480, leaving from Los Angeles. You can get some really amazing ones during the winter. If you travel during the months of November, December, January and February, excluding holidays, you can save a ton of money.

Travel Packages in Europe

Now, I've talked about some packages that get you to Europe. However, you can also find some unbelievable packages that will get you around Europe. These are mainly train packages. Some come with car rental as well. You might want to take a train to Italy and rent a car to drive around the coastline. No matter your desire, the train system in Europe is heavily networked and can probably get you there.

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